October 21, 2009

Pretty embraced

What better way to embrace the pretty than with the new Elizabeth Arden Pretty perfume campaign.
It has leapt out of the latest InStyle magazine as a brilliant spread full of pretty pink flowers, a vintage lounge, a dreamy tulle dress and red heels.

I've also found a great behind-the-scenes story from the photoshoot for the campaign over at Talking Makeup. Mark Vincent, Vice President Creative Director at Elizabeth Arden talks about the inspiration behind the campaign: "The idea for the TV was to capture that sweet, personal moment between a woman and a mirror when she pleasingly sees that she’s pretty-and how being pretty affects everything around her.” Check out the TV ad here. I love the paper flowers growing out of the walls. So beautiful! It's so good every now and then to get totally carried away with girliness!
I have also been taken away an a side trip of paper flowers thank to the Diane James Home blog. I particualrly like the Channel image...and then there is this...

My talented sister-in-law, Silja makes handmade cards and she recently send me this beautiful package of sweets from Finland. I love the flowers and the colours are soft and pretty. You can see her blog here, but it is all in Finnish!


  1. Hi Elsa!!!Nice blog you have here!!! Hope you liked the sweets! Those were "Marianne" if you remember them, but only mini-sized! Have a nice week! xxx

  2. Thanks Silja. I'm pretty good at remembering sweet things! I loved the package, it was lovely. Thank you :-)



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