October 14, 2009

Pretty pins

I've had my eye open a little lately for some pretty bobby pins to hold back my hair. I have been unsuccessful so far. There is far too much bling going around and I want something sweet but not too little girly!
To my delight one of the blogs I read daily, Oh, hello friend also has an etsy store associated to it which sells really pretty bobby pins.

These vintage hair pins are just what I am looking for.... now I just have to choose which ones I want!

I also adore how they are all packaged.
oh and I can't resist adding this totally cute umbrella pendant...

and again check out the wrapping ** swoon!**

You must, must, must visit the design website, the blog and the etsy shop.
This is one talented lady who I feel really in tune with. Have you looked at her blog - it just embodies (embraces!) the prettiness that I strive to spend a few minutes with every day. Love it!
Best of all I get to share my little find with you! :-)
Enjoy the journey because I know you will fall in love with the experience of Oh Hello Friend too!

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