June 28, 2010

kismet with pincushions

I've just had one of those lovely kismet moments - about pincushions of all things! My hubby was searching our button collection to replace some missing from about 3 pairs of shorts (he's been well trained!). While showing him the button collection and sewing kit, I was dismayed to see my pincushion well and truly on it's last legs. This is my original pincushion I have had since I was a little girl (maybe 7 or 8) when I received my first sewing kit. It (once) was a red satin dome surrounded by little chinamen around the edge holding hands. Just like this one over on Flickr. The sawdust stuffing is coming out and there is barely any fabric left to hold the pins in place - kind of making it a little redundant as a pincushion!
The kismet moment came when I popped by etsy and found, right there on the homepage, the lovely pincushions from minusOne.
Each of the pincushions are made from reclaimed fabrics and topped off with a vintage button. They are also filled with polyfil, so now more leaking sawdust for me!
Check out the great range of patterns that have been given a new life. The fabrics previous lives range from vintage cotton sheets to a 1940's picnic table cloth.
Check out the etsy shop here.

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