June 15, 2010

lavender love

As I watched the bees buzz around my lavender over the weekend I was reminded of a recent Masterchef episode where lavender was used in cooking. I was drooling over the Jam filled donuts with lavender sugar and thrilled at the idea of attempting them... one day.
I love the scent of lavender and would like to have a go at cooking with it. There are plenty of recipes out there for Lavender Cookies, especially shortbread but my favourite is from the I love milk and cookies blog.
Jen not only gives a wonderful background tale about how she came to adapt this recipe, she accompanies it with these lovely, drool worthy pictures! See the story and recipe here! Jen is a Sydney girl living in London, but unfortunately it looks as though she has moved on from her blog with the last post over a year old. Luckily she has left this little gem out there for me to find.
 p.s isn't this a lovely colour combination - the lavender and powder blue!
My little foodie adventure hasn't ended here either. This tale was destined to make a full loop. Travelling through the food blog-isphere (which in itself is a large and wonderful place!) I ended up on another Aussie food blogger site, Spicy Ice Cream. Lisa shares a recipes for Lemon and Ricotta Baked Doughnuts (and I'm back to donuts!) that she has made from Gourmet Traveller magazine. I really like the idea of baking donuts. We don't have a deep fryer so any fried food we make involves a lot of oil and the smell of seems to stick around the house long after the food has been eaten.
I had spotted some lemon and lavender cookie recipes, so I think I could adapt all these recipes into one! Oven baked ricotta and lemon donuts with a dusting lavender sugar. I'll let you know how I go!


  1. oh Elsa, I LOVE lavender. About a million years ago when I worked in the city we used to have catered meetings and they always had lavender cheese - I've never tasted anything like it, never found it ever again and can still taste it ... will go hunting through your links to try and find something similar. cx



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