July 5, 2010

mid year break

Thanks for stopping by at embrace the pretty. I'm off on a lovely holiday to Finland to catch-up with my second family, see friends and generally relax! If this is your first time visiting please browse through my previous embraces of loveliness out there in the world. If you've been before why not check back in on some of my favourite finds over the past year.
 Check out pretty inspiration for.. well inspiration. This is where I keep work from talented people out there such as the sublime Yellena James and many more artists.
Drop by my pretty purchase section for some virtual retail therapy. It's like my personal wishlist for objects I would love to own such as this bernabeifreeman fragment tray. I do have a soft spot for homewares, but you will also find jewellery and fashion in amongst there.
You might also start to notice some trends/obsessions, like my pebble-love recently ingnited by the Delica etsy shop.
Also check our some themed weeks I have had on embrace the pretty, like Sex and the City and Alice in Wonderland.
Have a look around and tell me what you think and I look forward to coming back early August and sharing all sorts of pretty things from Scandinavia!
x elsa



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