June 9, 2010

cut it out - Essimar paper craft

Having spent some time recently with a blade cutting shapes from paper, I can really appreciate the skill and patience it has taken Essimar artist Esther Ramirez to create these lovely cards.
I love the way a bright shot of colour comes through the cut-out areas of these greeting cards. The paper also looks yummy and thick and creamy.
I can only wonder how many times I would need to start over through accidents - to myself or to the paper!
All of the above cards are available through the Essimar etsy shop.
From top:  Tu Card, Mios Card, Mint Love
There are also some lovely other styles of paper craft cards like this Ama Card where each dot has been hand cut and individually glued in place. I think this one may be safer to try at home than the cut-outs!

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