June 4, 2010

colour crush - aqua and red

I've been crushing on this colour combo for some time.There is something uplifting about aqua and red together. It does have to be the right shades of both - a blue aqua and a raspberry red are my preference. Here are a few of my finds in this colour crush.
This is image makes my mouth water! It is a delicious example of this colour combo!
Another delicious pic from Cannille et Vanille.
I love that jug in the background!
Proving that it's not all about food in this colour palette, here are some lovely uses of aqua and red around the home. Above is a lovely photo capturing breakfast in a garden.
Another great example of decorating with aqua and red and is another breakfast snap shot which tells me this is a great colour combo to get you started on a  great day! This photo is from a Flickr set by Saidos da Concha who shares my colour crush. Check out the full set here. I love this house! It would be so much fun to be able to add so much colour to your home!
This last example is a more abstract image, but I love so much about it. Firstly the colour, especially the balance with a tiny bit of blue against all the raspberry, but it's the super soft focus for me that makes this image sing!

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