December 8, 2009

Ode to tea

What fun it I've just had exploring images of tea on Flickr.
There are so many beautiful images capturing different ways of appreciating a cuppa.
A green tea in glass mug to an all out pretty explosion with tea and a muffin in a matching floral cup and saucer.
It's such a simple but pleasurable exercise boiling up a cup of tea and can by so pretty using a tea pot and pretty crockery - if only I did that more often! It's usually a mug for me - but no less enjoyable.
For more Flckr tea-appreciation check out this Tea Set. While there check out the Cupcake set, or Drinks Other Than Tea.
I really get inspired by all these great Flickr galleries celebrating everyday moments with beautiful photos. Hopefully my new camera is not too far away!

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