December 4, 2009

Can you feel it?

The weekend is coming! I am really looking forward to this one. A few good nights out and some relaxation and decorating the Christmas Tree! It is going to be fabulous and possibly a bit hectic but I will promise to try and replicate this beautiful image from the Flickr stream of *Peanut(Lauren) 

A cup of tea and toast in a light filled room - truly the bare necessities of a perfect day!
What a talented lady Lauren is. Her images are full of light and softness - a favourite look of mine especially as we head into summer here.
Here is a glimpse of her one of her Flickr set - Ode To White

Normally I would suggest that you check it out for yourself - but for this I insist you do! And it definitely is best viewed as a slide show for full screen prettiness!
All this is igniting the need I have for a new camera. While not technically broken, our camera takes video when you try and take a still. This results in a lot of 1 second videos and 'the picture perfect moment' passing by. Maybe Santa can bring one this year!?

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