September 30, 2009

Sublime Yellena

As promised here is my gushing praise for the beautiful work of Yellena James

I found her work so sublime and inspirational that after first discovering her I went out and updated my colour pen collection. I work in black so much that the explosion of colour in Yellena's work was such a revelation and really got my heart beating! Here is a small sample of her drawings. Check out more here

Not only are her pen and ink drawings stunning, she has applied her unique style to paintings.

Using acrylic on wood Yellena adds an extra dimension to her organic style and the colours really pop.
See more paintings in her gallery here.
Not suprisingly she is a very in demand artist and you can find many galleries of her work online.
Here is a quick guide to Yellena's work
A glorious Etsy shop - currently with a buy 2 get 1 free offer :-)
Here Gallery, Bristol UK - a current solo exhibition 24th Sept - 24th Oct. 2009
plus you can keep up with her on her blog

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