September 25, 2009

Embrace the Elsa's

I first came across the wonderfully talented Elsa Mora and her papercuts quite early in my blog reading life.
She is a favourite with many of my fave bloggers.
Her talents are wide reaching from illustration, collage, jewellery, fashion and ceramics (she is one multi-talented lady!) but it is her cut paperwork that I find truly amazing and inspirational. She shares so much here on her blog The Heart of Papercuts

You will find news on her works and exhibitions as well as tutorials for us all to try out paper cutting.
Here is a taste of the work Elsa creates with a knife and paper.

This piece El Bosque de la Mente, is part of an exhibition she is holding currently in California.
 Here are some more gems..

  {all art + images by Elsa Mora}
No doubt I will share another aspect of this amazing artists work in other posts, but for today it is all about the paperwork!
Check out her gallery of paper sculptures here and embrace this amazing Elsa!


  1. oh my god how beautiful! such detailed work ... thank you for posting this, I've never seen anything like it cx

  2. Thanks Chris! I'm tempted to give it a go but value my fingertips too much!



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