September 14, 2009

Designer love

About 12 months ago I came across this wonderful poster. It was beautiful and ornate and also gave me a new mantra to non-visual people I work with about the design process.

I have been known to just point at my screen displaying this poster when the design process has been questioned. Cheeky but fun :-)
Late last week it was to great pleasure to not only discovere the identity of the designer , but also their wonderful online decorative wall sticker store.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Fabien Barral.
Not only is he an incredibly talented designer with the most beautiful personal style, he and his wife have an amazing online shop -  Harmonie Intérieure
Here you will find beautiful products and as a bonus the images of them are a treat too!

I encourage everyone to jump over to the website and enjoy these and more beautiful images.

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