August 18, 2010

I want to live in CB2

I have some serious retail envy for anyone who has access to a CB2 store in the USA. As I flick through their catalogue I find myself thinking, yep I could live in that room, that room, pretty much every room. It's a combination of really cool and different products, with great styling and photography. Here are a few pieces I would buy and the rooms I would live in...
This room above is made cool by the Hive Storage Unit. Coming in blocks of 3 hives, you can stack them and combine them to make your own sculptural display to house books and other nick-nacks. Did you also notice the floor lamp with the red power cord? Finally a power cord you don't need to try and hide in and around furniture!
There are 2 features in this room that I would really like - the Gear 'C' Table and console table and then the incredible Chop Chop wooden side table/stool. I really like the combination of the minimalist glass and metal Gear range with the big, chunky timber pieces.
These Chop Chop pieces also have a great back story. Using recycled urban forest timber only from trees which have been felled if they are suffering from damage caused by wind or old age, the production process is then done with minimal environmental impact. Each piece is oiled and waxed by hand. Read more about some of the people behind this project on the product info page.
Another cool CB2 room here features the Array Silver bookcase. Also check out the use of it as a towel holder in the bathroom (click through the little pictures under the main one here)
I do have a thing for yellow and love this combination of yellow chairs with the timber table, but what really caught my eye was the collection of Lumi Candleholders clustered together in the middle of the table.

I like the simplicity of these shapes and how fabulous they look with a long taper candle in them. Even better, they are pretty cheap - $2.95 - $4.95 USD - so you could afford to buy many to recreate the clustered look.
This last room close up features some pure CB2 quirkiness. The un homme and une femme vases (on the wall in the background, are one of those great features you could add to your home for a bit of unexpected fun. You can top them up with anything you like and change the way they look. Again they are so cheap, only $6.95 USD so it doesn't cost a fortune to have something different!

To add some more fun to your workspace (because every office desk needs something fun) here are a few more accessories that make me smile... I hope they make you smile today too!

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