April 13, 2010

cuteness pegged

In my little time out today I popped over to etsy and found something to make me smile and thought I would share this with you....

These little sweeties are peg dolls from the etsy shop - Moo Shoo Pork
Top left: Pirates arrrrrrrr - Set of 3 dolls (only 2 shown)
Top right: Chick and little - momma and daughter chickens wood peg dolls
Bottom left: Three little ninjas - Set of 3 kick-butt peg dolls
Bottom right: sweet heart tarts - set of 3 girl peg dolls
These are all hand painted and varnished wooden dolls. I think these make really cool gifts for kids - I particularly like the ninja and pirate ones for little boys.
In the same shop you can also find these cool puzzle blocks
 It's always nice to find good quality, hand crafted timber kids toys. Especially ones which encourange imagination and creativity.


  1. yay for things that make us smile !!
    so glad i could help ;) hehe
    and thanks so very much for spreading the love :)


  2. I absolutely adore Mooshoo's shop! In fact, I own a little sweetheart girl. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. thank you both for dropping by!



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