April 23, 2010

the art wall

I stumbled across a new little creative corner of the web the other day - The Art Wall
It is a curated collection of wonderful artworks by wonderfully talented people. I love the presentation of them in illustrated rooms.

The above is the current collection on display in the Dining Room. The wonderful room illustrations are by talented artist Jessica Swift - who has a wonderful portfolio to check out. Each room is based on the Art Wall's proprietor Katie. I really appreciate the effort Katie goes to pulling these collections together. You get to see a variety of artworks in various mediums from many different artists. I really like the common cool colour theme running through the above collection. All the artworks are for sale, often through the artists own etsy store and the price range is capped at $500.
 The Art Wall is certainly going to be a new place I drop by regularly for a dose of inspiration.
 Today I have fallen for this Galoshes and Skirt Print by Jen Hewett, currently hanging in the Kitchen.


  1. Oh my goodness. Thanks so much, I'm too flattered. I love that galoshes print too, isn't it the sweetest? Oh and btw, I have a newfound love for gardening, in part because of Terrain also. Love that place!

  2. Oh how lovely! The skirt and galosh print is so much fun!

  3. good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................



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